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May 04, 2023

Gold continues to press forward

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During Wednesday's trading session, gold markets experienced an initial pullback but demonstrated a significant level of resilience as buyers continued to show interest. With wealth preservation being a primary concern for traders at present, it is not surprising to see gold as one of the better performing assets. A breakthrough of the $2050 level could potentially initiate a new rush of buying pressure.


If this happens, it is likely that the gold market will set its sights on the $2100 level. Breaking through this level could then lead to a more buy-and-hold type of market, which is essentially the situation for those who entered the market early. However, gold is typically very noisy, so it is essential to be cautious with position sizing. Nevertheless, shorting gold in this environment is highly challenging.


The 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is positioned near the $1975 level and is rising, potentially serving as a technical support level for the overall trend. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect it to continue playing a significant role in offering essential support in the current environment. Investors need to pay close attention to this market, especially with the Federal Reserve announcement, the European Central Bank announcement on Thursday, and the jobs data release on Friday, which could all contribute to significant market volatility. In other words, this is a market that could be quite dangerous if you are positioned too large at any one time.


Regardless, investors must not overlook the overall trend, as it should eventually sort itself out and head higher over the longer term. It is essential not to let short-term erratic movements shake you out of positions by overleveraging them. In conclusion, gold markets experienced an initial pullback, but buyers' resilience continues to support the market, which is expected to maintain a positive trend in the longer term. Investors should remain cautious of short-term volatility and not ignore the overall trend.

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