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May 20, 2023

AUD continues to consolidate

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AUD continues to consolidate

The Australian dollar experienced a volatile trading session on Tuesday, reflecting the prevailing confusion in the currency markets. Amidst this uncertainty, market participants are closely monitoring global risk appetite and evaluating whether the economy is heading towards a slowdown. It is important to recognize the Australian dollar's high sensitivity to commodity markets, particularly commodities such as gold, iron, and aluminum. Additionally, the Chinese economy deserves attention due to its intertwined relationship with the Australian economy.


Traders believe that the Federal Reserve will implement looser monetary policies sooner than the central bank claims. This perception sets the stage for a "push/pull" dynamic in the market going forward. Notably, the 0.66 level has provided significant support, while the 0.68 level has been a strong resistance point. This 200-point range has played a crucial role for some time. Consequently, a breakout from this range will be an interesting development, potentially guiding the market's future direction. The expected "measured move" would also span 200 points. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor daily breakouts closely. Should an upward breakout occur, the market could rally towards the 0.70 level. Conversely, a breakdown could lead to a decline towards the 0.64 level.


AUD/USD traders pursue safety

In the event of a substantial "risk-off move," the value of the Australian dollar is likely to be negatively impacted. Traders tend to seek refuge in US treasury markets during such periods, leading to increased demand for the US dollar. Paradoxically, the current challenges surrounding the US debt ceiling have further intensified the demand for the US dollar, as traders pursue safety despite the potential threat to that very safety. Consequently, heightened volatility and confusion are anticipated, favoring sideways market movements. Breaking out of the aforementioned range would require strong fundamental catalysts, making news events particularly influential in such scenarios, given the relatively light economic calendar.


As the Australian dollar navigates these uncertain times, market participants should remain vigilant and adapt to the evolving landscape. Keeping a close eye on commodity markets, the Chinese economy, and any potential news-driven developments will be crucial in assessing the future trajectory of the Australian dollar.

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