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May 10, 2024

Technical Indicators Signal Bearish for USDCAD Amidst Upbeat Canadian Outlook

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Today, the Canadian USDCAD market eagerly anticipates the release of key economic data: Employment Change and the Unemployment Rate. Preliminary reports suggest that both indicators have surpassed expectations, fueling optimism for a stronger Canadian dollar against the US counterpart.

Preceding the data release, technical indicators have already hinted at a bearish turn for USDCAD. The Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) 50 and 200 have recently formed a death cross, a bearish signal indicating a potential trend reversal. This development has set a tone of caution for traders eyeing the currency pair.
Technical Indicators Signal Bearish for USDCAD Amidst Upbeat Canadian Outlook
Accompanying this trend is the alignment of other technical indicators, including the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI). Both indicators echo the bearish sentiment observed in the EMA crossover, suggesting a consensus among market signals regarding the impending downward pressure on USDCAD.

With the overall sentiment leaning towards bearish, USDCAD is poised for a potential downward trajectory. Analysts anticipate the currency pair to face further declines, potentially targeting the 1.3600 level and beyond. This projection aligns with the broader market sentiment, which has been swayed by Canada's robust economic performance against the backdrop of a recovering global economy.

As traders await the release of Canada's employment data, the stage is set for potential volatility in USDCAD. Should the data confirm the anticipated strength in the Canadian labor market, it is likely to reinforce the prevailing bearish outlook for the currency pair. However, any surprises in the data could lead to unforeseen shifts in market sentiment, prompting traders to remain vigilant in their assessments and strategies.

In conclusion, USDCAD faces a challenging landscape characterized by bearish signals from technical indicators and heightened anticipation surrounding Canada's economic data release. As the market awaits further developments, traders brace themselves for potential volatility and prepare to adapt their positions accordingly.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Canadian employment data exceeds expectations, driving optimism for a stronger CAD.
  2. Technical indicators, including EMA crossover, MACD, and RSI, signal bearish sentiment.
  3. USDCAD faces downward pressure, potentially targeting key support levels.
  4. Traders anticipate volatility as they await further developments in the Canadian labor market.
  5. The overall outlook for USDCAD remains bearish amidst Canada's robust economic performance.

Key Economic Releases to Watch Today


Actual 0.2% Forecast 0.0% vs Previous -0.2%


Actual 0.6% Forecast 0.4% vs Previous -0.3%


Actual 0.4% Forecast 0.1% vs Previous 0.2%

CAD, Employment Change

Actual 90.4K Forecast 20.9K vs Previous -2.2K

CAD, Unemployment Rate (MoM)

Actual 6.1% Forecast 6.2% vs Previous 6.1%



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