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July 18, 2023

British Pound Shows Resilience Against the Japanese Yen Again

GBP Keep Showing Resilience against the Japanese Yen

The British pound experienced a slight pullback during Monday's trading session, only to swiftly reverse course and display signs of strength. Considering the current landscape, it is likely that upward pressure will persist for the pound, given its robust performance and the Japanese yen's susceptibility to loose monetary policy conditions enforced by the Bank of Japan. Notably, the ¥180 level beneath the pound serves as a significant support level due to its psychological and recent historical significance.

GBP Keep Showing Resilience against the Japanese Yen

Should the pound break below the ¥180 level, traders should closely monitor the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average around the ¥178 mark as the next critical level. However, the overall outlook suggests sustained buying pressure in the long term. The market aims to reclaim the ¥184 level, the previous peak. A successful breakout at this level could pave the way for a potential move towards the psychologically significant ¥185 level, which has remained out of reach in recent times. However, I think that time is coming rather soon.


Late changes on the market contributed to the yen's vulnerability

Despite the anticipation of noisy behavior, the broader sentiment suggests a continued upward trajectory for the pound. Recent market pullbacks provide an opportunity for value hunters, and Monday's trading session indicates a positive direction. The market is expected to maintain its volatility, yet the Japanese yen remains vulnerable against various currencies, including the British pound. In fact, the Pound has been one of the best trades against the Yen, and it is likely to continue to be. 


The British pound's temporary pullback during Monday's trading session highlights its resilience against the Japanese yen, supported by favorable market conditions. The pound's strong performance and the Bank of Japan's loose monetary policy contribute to the yen's vulnerability. The ¥180 level serves as a crucial support level, with the 50-Day EMA at ¥178 offering additional support if necessary. However, the overall outlook remains optimistic, with the market striving to reclaim the ¥184 level and potentially targeting the psychologically significant ¥185 level. While noise and volatility are expected, the pound's upward trajectory continues to be the prevailing sentiment. Recent market pullbacks suggest opportunities for value hunters, and Monday's trading session indicates a positive start. As the market remains dynamic, traders should closely monitor developments, considering the pound's strength against the Japanese yen and other currencies.

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