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July 11, 2023

British Pound Shows Resilience and Potential for Further Upside against Japanese Yen

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The British pound demonstrated resilience during Tuesday's trading session, even with reduced liquidity due to the Independence Day holiday. Traders prefer buying on dips, indicating bullish sentiment in the market. However, it is worth considering whether the market may be overextended and whether value hunters will continue to enter. The key support level at ¥180 has previously proven significant, both technically and psychologically, and a break above ¥185 could lead to a larger upward move. This article delves into the factors driving market sentiment and provides insights into the potential trajectory of this currency pair.



The current market environment favors a "buy on the dip" strategy, suggesting that investors are eager to seize opportunities to accumulate positions. The Bank of Japan's loose monetary policy, combined with the British economy grappling with inflation, creates a favorable backdrop for pound buyers. Whenever the market experiences a pullback, buyers are expected to step in and seek value in the pair.


GBP/JPY willing to surpass ¥185 level

Looking ahead, there is a strong belief that this currency pair will eventually surpass the ¥185 level, potentially initiating a significant upward move toward ¥200 in the longer term. In fact, given the momentum in the market, it would not be surprising to witness such a breakthrough by the end of the year. While concerns persist about possible intervention by the Bank of Japan, any resulting temporary pullback will unlikely disrupt the overall upward trend. The British economy's inflationary pressures remain a persistent factor, reinforcing the positive outlook for the pound against the yen.


Despite the reduced liquidity caused by the Independence Day holiday, the British pound has shown resilience in Tuesday's trading session. Traders maintain a preference for buying on dips, indicating bullish market sentiment. The support level at ¥180 remains significant, while a break above ¥185 could open doors to further upside potential. With the Bank of Japan's loose monetary policy and the British economy grappling with inflation, the buy-side bias in this currency pair is expected to persist. Looking ahead, there is a growing belief that the pair will eventually surpass ¥185 and reach ¥200 in the longer term. While concerns about intervention persist, any pullbacks are unlikely to alter the overall uptrend. As the year progresses, the market's momentum and fundamental factors continue to support the British pound's upward trajectory against the yen.


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