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March 28, 2023

Gold falls as the week starts

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Gold market suffers a considerable drop

On Monday's trading session, gold suffered a considerable drop in value as interest rates in the United States rallied, causing investors to switch their focus to the US dollar and apply pressure on the gold market. However, this may have been a mere correction in an overextended market, as gold had previously rallied too far.


Despite the $2000 level's significant psychological importance and resistance, it does not necessarily indicate the end of the bullish attitude towards gold. If the US dollar loses substantial strength, this drop in gold's value could present a potential buying opportunity.


There are other factors contributing to gold's buying pressure, such as potential wealth preservation and global uncertainty. Central banks are buying gold heavily, which provides a floor in the market. This is true with China, Russia, and many other major banks around the world.


Investors are cosely monitoring the Gold market behavoiur


Investors will  monitor the $1900 level and the 50-Day EMA indicator, located just below it. While the market has been overextended, it may take time to work off the excess by either pulling back significantly or fluctuating back and forth. If the market breaks out above recent highs, it could rapidly rise to the $2050 level or even $2100.


It's important to note that there is currently no interest in shorting this market, and it may take time to get back above the significant resistance level. A sudden explosive surge in gold's value is unlikely without some fundamental reason.


In conclusion, the recent drop in gold's value due to rallying interest rates in the US could be a correction in an overextended market. Investors should pay attention to the $1900 level and the 50-Day EMA indicator, as there are several factors that suggest gold will continue to experience buying pressure. Although it may take time to return to recent highs, shorting the market is not an option, and sudden explosive surges in gold's value are improbable without fundamental reasons.

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