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March 20, 2023

SP 500 continues to face headwinds

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S&P 500 unable to push past the 3975 level

The S&P 500 has been struggling in recent trading sessions, despite initial attempts to rally. The market has been unable to push past the 3975 level for several days in a row, and recent developments in the banking sector have only added to the negative sentiment. News that Saudi financiers are no longer willing to support Credit Suisse has raised concerns about contagion and led to traders seeking safety and avoiding risk.

SP 500 market

The 50-Day EMA, currently sitting at the 4000 level and dropping, is likely to pose a significant barrier for the market. The 3800 level, which has previously attracted attention, could also act as a potential trapdoor and lead to a sell-off if breached. If the market breaks below the 3800 level, it could drop to the 3600 level, an area that had previously been major support. While anything below that could lead to a catastrophic drop, it's not necessarily expected at this time.


S&P 500 volatility makes being informed essential

Despite expectations of 100 basis points of rate cuts between now and a year from now, the market is not responding positively. The reasoning behind these expected rate cuts, that the economy is in worse shape than originally thought, is starting to show itself in the market. As a result, interest rate cuts are being seen as a sign of fear rather than a bullish run. Caution is advised for investors, as there are many potential obstacles that could affect the market.


Currently, shorting the market appears to be the best course of action, but it's important to remain cautious about holding onto short positions for too long. The market is volatile, and changes can happen quickly, so it's essential to stay informed and adjust strategies accordingly. As always, diversification is key, and investors should ensure they have a balanced portfolio that can weather any potential storms. While hope springs eternal on Wall Street, it's important to keep a realistic perspective and prepare for all eventualities.

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