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July 10, 2023

Bastille Day - What You Need To Know

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Bastille Day


Bastille Day, celebrated annually on July 14, is a national holiday in France, formally known as 'La Fête Nationale' (The National Celebration). It commemorates a significant event in French history – the storming of the Bastille prison on July 14, 1789. This event was a key turning point in the French Revolution that eventually led to the establishment of a democratic France after centuries of monarchy.


The day became a national holiday in France in 1880, and since then, the event has been commemorated annually as Bastille Day.




Bastille Day is recognized and celebrated by French communities globally. 
For these communities, it is an opportunity to celebrate the culture with events often featuring the cultural food, music, dance, and sometimes replica Bastille Day parades.


Market Implications 


As it is a public holiday, the French stock market, including the Euronext Paris (previously known as the Paris Bourse), will be closed for trading. Consequently, stocks of French companies listed on other exchanges may experience reduced trading volumes.

On a broader scale, the impact on European indices like the Euro Stoxx 50, which includes several French companies, might also experience reduced volumes. This reduced liquidity can lead to increased market volatility.

As always, traders should be aware of these changes during the Bastille Day period, and plan their investment strategies accordingly.



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