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March 22, 2023

Gold hesitates ahead of FOMC

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Gold market traders waiting for FOMC meeting this week

During Tuesday's trading session, the gold market experienced a slight drop, pulling back from the psychologically significant $2000 level. Many traders are closely monitoring this area, and it is reasonable to expect the market to slow down ahead of the FOMC meeting on Wednesday.


It is worth noting that the gold market had become overbought, and even in bullish trends, occasional pullbacks are necessary to attract more traders. Despite forming a red candlestick, many traders are still interested in gold, and a drop in prices could trigger a "fear of missing out" (FOMO) response.

Gold market


The $2000 level remains a crucial psychological and structural level for gold. If the market can surpass the shooting star's top from the previous Monday session, there is a high probability of a major bullish run that could push prices significantly higher. However, this outcome will be heavily dependent on the Federal Reserve's meeting's outcome. A break above $2000 could indicate that the market is ready to climb to $2500 over the longer term.


Gold market may slow down, but traders are confident

Jerome Powell's statements during the FOMC meeting could influence gold prices. A sudden dovish stance could cause a significant increase in gold prices by decreasing the US dollar's value. Conversely, an exceptionally hawkish statement could temporarily hinder gold prices. It is important to note that gold and the US dollar can rise simultaneously, as seen in the 1980s, but such a scenario is typically a safety trade. Ultimately, traders' psychology will determine whether or not they continue to invest in gold.


Traders seem interested in buying gold, and pullbacks could provide potential support levels. However, it is important to remember that the gold market is highly volatile, especially during times of uncertainty such as the FOMC meeting. Therefore, traders should keep their position sizes reasonable and remain vigilant.


In summary, the gold market experienced a slight drop during Tuesday's trading session, retreating from the $2000 level. It is not surprising that the market may slow down ahead of the FOMC meeting. The market's future direction and gold prices will depend on the meeting's outcome and traders' psychology. Traders should exercise caution, keep position sizes reasonable, and remain vigilant during volatile times.

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