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August 24, 2023

British pound Pulls Back against Yen; Setting up a Buying Opportunity

The British pound experienced a notable drop against the Japanese yen on Wednesday, reflecting the ongoing high volatility in the Forex markets. The PMI figures from the United Kingdom turned out weaker than anticipated, resulting in a significant weakening of the British pound itself. Speculation was rife that there might be a need for the Bank of England to cut rates. However, a look at the longer-term charts suggests that this situation could potentially offer a buying opportunity. This is particularly the case given that the Bank of Japan is far from considering tightening its monetary policy. Moreover, even if the British authorities were to suddenly opt for a quarter-point rate cut, the difference in interest rates would remain substantial.

Pound Pulls Back Against Yen

Currently, my focus is on identifying signs of a bounce that could be capitalized upon. Consequently, I would be on the lookout for a short-term hammer pattern or another type of candlestick that provides a reference point for market entry. The 50-Day Exponential Moving Average is positioned around the ¥181.50 level and is on the rise. This serves as a kind of soft support level for the market, while the more significant support is likely closer to the ¥180 level.


Late Japanese Yen news may have positive impact on the British pound

The candlestick formation witnessed during Friday's trading session is certainly far from attractive. In simpler terms, it's quite an unappealing candlestick. This implies that we might see some continuation of the downward movement. Nevertheless, the further the market drops, the more interested we become in identifying potential value opportunities. It's important to note that the Japanese yen has been experiencing declines across various fronts, and this trend is expected to persist. Given enough time, this could have a positive impact on the British pound as well.


In the event that we manage to regain the ¥185 level, there's potential for this market to make a substantial upward move. This might involve attempting to surpass the recent highs and potentially reaching the ¥190 level. While all factors considered, it's not out of the question for the market to even reach the ¥200 level eventually, although that doesn't necessarily imply it will happen in the next few days. Therefore, it's advisable to maintain a cautious and measured approach when navigating this situation.

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